Amance Paris is a French brand of sophisticated ready-to-wear for women, inspired by travels, places and centuries.


We offer a classic yet elegant wardrobe, adorned with whims and unique details from around the globe.

The add-on elements to our collection will be a mix of prints, embroideries, ornaments, a different fabric, or a special know – how from one of our craftsmen… 

Two regular collections autumn / winter and spring / summer per year will be released, enriched by smaller “capsule” collections in limited quantities.


The combination of Amour (Love) + Mancehas driven us to our Amance Paris brand name.


Soft and poetic, Amance represents the love of beauty, travel, and differentiation. It is also a highlight dedicated to the independence and adventurous spirit of the French explorer Jeanne Mance.


Amance is finally a direct reference to the Fashion world, as “mance” means the sleeve of a cloth in francoprovencal. 


This way our name encompasses the two facets of our brand’s vision: Fashion and Travel.


collection été mode voyage évasion portant monde



production workshop women work made Portugal




To bring this incredible adventure to life, and as we really wanted to double-check ourselves the workers conditions, the knowhow and expertise locally we have decided not to contact any intermediarybut approach ourselves the factories. A few back and forth later, after many researches, visits, disappointments and also very lovely encounters in Porto’s area we have finally managed to find our workshop, a family owned businesswith very high attention to detail and gorgeous know-how. Together, we share the same vision for Amance, a particular care for natural fabrics and cuts with perfect drapes.  


We have very carefully selected textile suppliers from Greece, Italy, France and Portugal renowned for their expertise and the excellence of their fabrics. Because we wish to offer the very best in terms of comfort and quality, with no compromises, we are extremely vigilant to their composition. Ideally we would only like to work with 100% natural ones but sometimes for structured or cutting purposes it does help to have a little elastan or viscose. 

Never too much as we want our clothes to be nice, soft and pleasant to wear. 






Finally and foremost, we are trying to be very cautious about the over consumptionand this is why our collections will never include too many pieces and we will always prefer an organic fabric, for instance our tee-shirt made in organic cotton that uses less water, farmed without pesticides, using natural methods. This means that it is better for the health of the farmers and their communities, and also for the environment. 


It is only the beginning of our journey and we still have got all of our resources to set up our ultimate goals but behind is surely and truly a real wish, aim and ambition. 

On a long-term sight, we hope to be able to collaborate with artisans of the world, highlight their unique know how and make you travel and care about the impact in our environment.